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Happy Birthday, Amy!!!

Happy, happy birthday to our beautiful boss babe, Amy!!!

Today we celebrated our chief’s birthday in the studio with a little family style potluck, mimosas made by Phoebe, pulled pork sandwiches made by Liz and cupcakes from one of our favorite local bakeries, Lovely Layers Cakery. The team created a custom Peas in a Pod Necklace for Amy, with each of our birthstones represented in the pod. We decorated her office with balloons, flowers and love notes birthday cards. We listened to “Top 90s Hits” and enjoyed each other’s company – and one too many cupcakes. It was a great day and as the sun sets near the studio, we leave feeling humbled and eternally grateful for the gifts today brought us. Sending love ❤

Feel free to comment with a birthday greeting for our girl, Amy!!!

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Creating Change & Spreading Love


After the events of last week I am more committed to our vision than ever … We aim to send out as much love, light and positivity into the world as possible with the pure intention to create change, lighten hearts and lift spirits. We deeply hope that these ripples will swell, combine, culminate, and vibrate out helping make life better, brighter. Jewelry is beautiful indeed but for us the mindful component is the true undercurrent of our work. In all we do we aim to bring more peace, understanding, compassion, healing, love, and harmony to our world. For all of us here at AWD, it’s all about scattering LOVE; to each other, to ourselves and to everyone we meet along our journey of life. Namaste. xo Amy
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21 Day Meditational Journey

ponchoStarting today, I am embarking on a 21 day *choose love* meditational journey. Each day when I wake up I will meditate for 21 minutes. I won’t time myself but my inner rhythm will advise when it’s time to end. I will choose love in all of my actions. Every. Single. One. To those I engage with, to my children, my husband, and perhaps most importantly to myself. I will not engage in inner dialog that doesn’t serve me. I will focus on attracting only love into my sphere of consciousness. I will not complain. Not just out loud but in my head. As I hear myself blaming, complaining or justifying, I will cease and desist immediately, moving myself back to my center of love. I will remind myself that every single moment I am either attracting success or crap into my life by the choices I make in my head. It will be imperative that I choose my thoughts wisely. I am pumped. I am ready. Keep me accountable people! 21 Days. Starting now!!

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Amy Waltz Designs Spring/Summer 2015 Line is Here!

blessingsAnnnnnnnd drum roll please …. We are LIVE on with our entire Spring/Summer 2015 Line including a hand-crocheted PONCHO (handmade by my mama!!) as our first item in clothing! So much went into this. I am so proud of my team. Such amazing and creative souls. Each one of them! Thank you to Joey, Sara, Jess, Anna, Phoebe, Cassie for working so hard and being so beautiful! Thank you to Nicki Bluhm of Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers for being so willing and gracious in honoring us with photographing your beautiful spirit. Thank you to Terese of Park Avenue Photography for photographing me … that was WAYYYY out of my comfort zone but you were wonderful. Thank you to Ashley of the Powder Room for her amazing face and hair art talent! Thank you to Bootleg. buy sell trade for always styling us in the most amazing clothes and Three Sixty Ecotique for having that beautiful leather poncho so we could style Nicki in it. Thank you to Suzanne for being the social media butterfly that you are! Thank you to Willis for putting together that sweet video on YouTube. You rock! Thank you to EACH OF YOU for supporting and loving us and our jewelry. We couldn’t do any of this without you!!!! xoxo

View the lookbook for Spring/Summer 2015 by clicking here!

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TODAY marks our 4 year Anniversary!

love_set22The last four years have been high energy with intermittent moments of insanity and I have sunk my talons deep into this journey with such drive and determination that I almost feel as though I’ve missed the magic of living. So as we move forward I’ve resolved to honor my *Zen Things* … Breathe and let go. Slow down. Put space in between things. Do one thing at a time. Smile. Be fully present. Simplify. As I slow things down and lean into each moment, I am quickly realizing that less is the new more.
Amy Waltz Designs simple heart ring

In spirit of my Zen Things, this spring we will be launching a tighter more tender more thought out, intimate and deliberate line. We will have fewer pieces but they will have greater meaning. Instead of pulling together a huge photoshoot, we will photograph around our new grounds so you all can see it! We will adorn our amazing staff with the jewels so you can get to know them more intimately. Above is a photo of our LOVE rings showcased on our darling SARA!!

These are the SIMPLES.
Amy Waltz Designs simple delta ring

Simplification at its purest radiance.

In celebration, take 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER through midnight tonight – use SIMPLIFY25 and thanks for a wonderful 4 years!

xo Amy

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Inspiration: I AM

Hello friends! Welcome to our very first Inspiration themed post! Moving forward, we’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas that inspire us and hopefully you, too. Our first Inspiration post is written by none other than Amy herself!

I AM …


I’m no writer, but I’m a thinker. And truth be told, I’d like to think a lot less; put a little more space in between my thoughts; rest in my being more and away from the constant chatter of my mind. But that takes work. A lot of it. So for now, my work is just that … NOW. Right here. This moment. And resting in it. Not thinking of anything more than this very moment. The mind will wrestle with that. It doesn’t like you to be right here, right now. It wants you to dwell in the past and is attached to the future and what will be. So my work is to disengage with, or simply notice, these thoughts; see them because they will be there but not dance with them; just notice and then release.

think less, live more
I’m no fashionista, but I’m a passionista. I never really used to wear jewelry. It was just one more thing to put on. I didn’t need it. Now I make jewelry and I wear a lot of it. But I’m still drawn to wear the same pieces and the pieces I choose to adorn my body with always have some meaning. Right now I wear two mala bracelets every single day. They are my grounding. They cause me to pause and breathe more. Though they are meant for meditation, I actually rarely use them for that… though I would love to grow into that! But I do find in seeing them, I say purposeful and intentional little mantras throughout the day.
sun kiss
I’m no practitioner, but I’m an eager student. A practitioner of raising human consciousness that is. What’s that you ask? I ask myself the same question all the time but to me it means living life consciously, awakened, whole… in everything we do. It’s putting mindful breath into our actions; being present, completely present; being kind, truthful and real; living outside of judgement and inside of love. It’s living a life rooted in respect, to each other, ourselves, all sentient beings, and Mother Earth. It’s mitigating negativity and propelling goodness. It’s choosing right speech and grounded, intentional actions. Participating in life in this manner helps others to do the same – it’s contagious goodness and it’s my work right now.
I am perfectly imperfect. I am filled with love, life and possibilities. I am strong, determined and focused. I am me and even with all my work, all the honing and shaping that’s underway in me, I love me. I truly hope you love YOU, too. xo -Amy Waltz
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P.S. The handmade “I AM” necklace is still in the shop!