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Designer Spotlight on Sara!

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Sara is almost too adorable for words. Full to the brim with positive energy, almost always smiling, ALWAYS wearing something beyond stylish and she’s also a dynamo when it comes to making jewelry. She’s been the brilliantly creative mind behind some incredible pieces in our spring/summer 2015 line…



When asked what inspires her, Sara said “I like to look at what’s trending, what’s in style now but I hate going with the norms. I love taking a classic style and putting an edge on it. I like more organic shapes and concepts instead of structured pieces that don’t look handmade. I really like the process here and everything has it’s quirks, which is what our whole business is about. It’s all about character here.”


“I’ve always been an artist. My mom paints, sews, welds, and so I just fell into it. The only thing I really like to do is work with my hands. I’ve always loved art, it was the only thing I could really focus on. Doing intricate work is what I love. It narrows my focus and I can block out everything else.”


“I’m from Merced, central valley California and when I was growing up, there was not a lot of creativity there. So coming to Chico, being in the art department and around creative people opened up my eyes to the world, what’s out there and what people are doing. It’s nice to have a challenge and being around people who are really good at what they do and inspire me and put a fire under my ass to make cool things.”

Sara at Coda

That’s not even where this story ends… We’re so excited for Sara, who is soon moving to ITALY to do an internship with a photographer there!!! We’re sad to say goodbye (for now) but beyond thrilled for her new adventures to come! I do have to say that Sara was and will always be a HUGE component of AWD. Her designs, her heart and her incredible talent are woven into the tapestry of this company and though we will miss her terribly, I am more happy for her than I am sad for us. She will always have a place here. In a second I would welcome her back into our family. Please join me in wishing her an incredible adventure with lots of laughter, growth, awakening and peace. We love you, Sara!!!