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Creating Change & Spreading Love


After the events of last week I am more committed to our vision than ever … We aim to send out as much love, light and positivity into the world as possible with the pure intention to create change, lighten hearts and lift spirits. We deeply hope that these ripples will swell, combine, culminate, and vibrate out helping make life better, brighter. Jewelry is beautiful indeed but for us the mindful component is the true undercurrent of our work. In all we do we aim to bring more peace, understanding, compassion, healing, love, and harmony to our world. For all of us here at AWD, it’s all about scattering LOVE; to each other, to ourselves and to everyone we meet along our journey of life. Namaste. xo Amy
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An Amy Waltz Designs Marriage Proposal!!!


Are you ready for the sweetest love story??? Amazing, romantic Skyler reached out to me a little bit before Mother’s Day and wanted to use our personalized bangles to propose to his love on Mother’s Day!! Over several days we shared many convos, planning and plotting and making this surprise perfect! Her darling face pretty much gives away her response but she said YES! 🙂 How fun that we are a part of their love story!! Being involved in the first steps of their journey together as man and wife is such an honor! Congratulations to the happy couple, we wish you a lifetime of joy and laughter.