5 steps to LIVE your DREAM

“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.”

– MLK Jr.


It’s important for everyone to follow their dreams. You might want to write a book, see the world, help others, start your own business… or all of the above! With some simple guidelines, your dreams are closer than ever. Here’s how to get started:

Define your goals
It’s much easier to accomplish anything when the task at hand is clear. Try writing down everything you want out of life and break each thing down in to manageable tasks.
Aim high
This is your opportunity to think big! You have great power and your potential is unlimited, so why not shoot for the stars?! You can truly be the change you wish to see in this world, so don’t let that chance go to waste!
Learn from your mistakes
Everyone makes a mistake from time to time. What can set you apart is your ability to grow and adapt when life throws you a curve ball. The rough spots in life are best handled head on, and you’ll come out the other side a much stronger person.
Learn to say no
No is a password to the next level. Your ability to focus on your dreams can be compromised if you’re barraged with too many plans and obligations. It’s ok to say no and it will often help you get to your life destination faster and with more grace.
Get others involved
Two heads are often better than one, and when it comes to fulfilling your life ambition, friends, loved ones and your community can be the most helpful. Consider contacting your local government, create or join community groups or simply discuss your goals with friends and you’d be surprised how much people love to help.


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Inspiration · xo Amy

Inspiration: I AM

Hello friends! Welcome to our very first Inspiration themed post! Moving forward, we’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas that inspire us and hopefully you, too. Our first Inspiration post is written by none other than Amy herself!

I AM …


I’m no writer, but I’m a thinker. And truth be told, I’d like to think a lot less; put a little more space in between my thoughts; rest in my being more and away from the constant chatter of my mind. But that takes work. A lot of it. So for now, my work is just that … NOW. Right here. This moment. And resting in it. Not thinking of anything more than this very moment. The mind will wrestle with that. It doesn’t like you to be right here, right now. It wants you to dwell in the past and is attached to the future and what will be. So my work is to disengage with, or simply notice, these thoughts; see them because they will be there but not dance with them; just notice and then release.

think less, live more
I’m no fashionista, but I’m a passionista. I never really used to wear jewelry. It was just one more thing to put on. I didn’t need it. Now I make jewelry and I wear a lot of it. But I’m still drawn to wear the same pieces and the pieces I choose to adorn my body with always have some meaning. Right now I wear two mala bracelets every single day. They are my grounding. They cause me to pause and breathe more. Though they are meant for meditation, I actually rarely use them for that… though I would love to grow into that! But I do find in seeing them, I say purposeful and intentional little mantras throughout the day.
sun kiss
I’m no practitioner, but I’m an eager student. A practitioner of raising human consciousness that is. What’s that you ask? I ask myself the same question all the time but to me it means living life consciously, awakened, whole… in everything we do. It’s putting mindful breath into our actions; being present, completely present; being kind, truthful and real; living outside of judgement and inside of love. It’s living a life rooted in respect, to each other, ourselves, all sentient beings, and Mother Earth. It’s mitigating negativity and propelling goodness. It’s choosing right speech and grounded, intentional actions. Participating in life in this manner helps others to do the same – it’s contagious goodness and it’s my work right now.
I am perfectly imperfect. I am filled with love, life and possibilities. I am strong, determined and focused. I am me and even with all my work, all the honing and shaping that’s underway in me, I love me. I truly hope you love YOU, too. xo -Amy Waltz
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