Glitzy Textured Stacking Cuffs


Bring on wearing flowers in your hair, flip flops and basking in the sun! We are ready for spring and these yummy cuffs will sparkle and shine with you as you dance through your day!

Get your stack here:

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Blogger Love: Signe & Our Sparkle Cuff


Our sparkle cuff set looks great on Signe, one of our favorite bloggers at The Daily Savant.

This is such a great combination of cuffs, one thick cuff with the word Sparkle (or your word of choice,) one slim cuff and three skinnies, giving you one epic arm party to remind you to get out there and make some noise. Be bright and wonderful and contagious and hard to resist. Be yourself a firefly, buzzing through life making everyone happier and better for knowing you.

Get your sparkle on by clicking here: